How to Maximize Your Passion and Potential

ExcellanceHow to Maximize Your Passion and Potential

 Having a mindset of constantly striving for excellence is a hallmark mindset of top producers. Having a clear process to follow makes all the difference.

Cary Mullen has chased excellence and continuous improvement all of his life: from his athletic career as a World Champion downhill ski racer, to best selling author of HOW to WIN, to his real estate development company where he leads 300+ people.

The next level of success for your business lies just outside of your comfort zone. Expand your comfort zone, and you expand your results.

Participants will learn:

  • A 4-step formula for expanding your comfort zone and results
  • The 3 critical elements of engaged and motivated team members
  • An easy, daily system to keep your clear, passionate goal at the forefront
  • The Success Equation: how to harness its power to excellence

“Cary’s great journey through life and his ascension to the pinnacle of his sport are packaged and presented in an exceptional way. Cary easily and appropriately ties his experiences, challenges and accomplishments to those of everyday life, family and business.”

Scott A. Fawcett, President & CEO, Springs Window Fashions, LLC

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