How to Accomplish Outstanding Results

How to Accomplish Outstanding Results

Today’s sales professionals are in an extreme sport, going 97mph every day. There are new bumps and jumps coming at us all the time; and we don’t always know what’s on the other side of these. The more we are succeeding and the faster we are going, the further ahead we need to look. Maintaining Focus & Executing Optimally are the keys of how your top 2% can get even better.

As the President of a real estate development company, Cary leads a team of seasoned sales professionals and more than 300 people in total. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of leading top sales teams.

Why do some sales professionals consistently make massive accomplishments and others don’t? Outstanding results are accomplished by those who know how to win on purpose. This does not happen by accident, but rather as a direct result of the fundamental principles Cary shares in this keynote.

Participants will learn:

  • A Focus System that magnifies high-gain activity and identifies “to-don’ts”
  • A 4-step formula that will ensure ideal execution throughout the sales process
  • How to avoid the complacency trap – stay focused and inspired instead
  • The Success Equation: how to apply it to sales, self-leadership and coaching

“Our Dealership Management Conference was great! Cary Mullen, was the absolute PERFECT choice for this event. Cary’s talk was dynamic, energetic and thought-provoking, and I must say that while the fantastic footage of the ski races and stories of his years of racing left everyone thinking, “I never want to do that!!!”, they also really understood the requirement for a “success system” to make it all happen. It seems that Cary, throughout his career, was always thinking about how he could identify the factors that lead to performance improvement, and over time, developed a system that he could duplicate again and again until he got the results he wanted. After his talk, many people remarked that they had no idea just how much preparation it took (both mental and physical) for an athlete to rise to the top of their game; or just how narrow the margin between success and failure was. I don’t think that any of our attendees will ever look at an Olympic athlete (or any successful athlete) the same again!! I was also glad that we purchased his book for them all too. Many had read half of it by the time I saw them the very next day for breakfast! Cary also offered his “How to Win” Success System to our attendees for free, and the line up for this was pretty long. I even heard several people indicating that they needed to have Cary come out to see their staff.” 

Jenna Morgan, PFW Systems Corporation

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