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Just like you, Cary Mullen believes in doing things smarter, faster and better. In fact, he set the World Downhill speed record (97mph/151kmh), on the world’s most famous ski course in Kitzbuel, Austria. Today’s fast paced business world can sometimes feel like we are in an extreme sport that we didn’t sign up for.

Cary is the go-to expert for numerous Fortune 500 companies as a motivational speaker, and a speaker who will reframe your audience’s thoughts on innovation and rapid change. As a non-prodigy that placed last in his first World Cup race, Cary understands precisely what it takes to work your way to the top and can show your audience members how.

Cary motivates, entertains and shares his 5 Winning Secrets™ that transcend the world of sport to help you and your organization overcome adversity & succeed at a higher level. He will work with you and your organization to customize a presentation designed to energize your event, inspire innovative thinking and apply real tools for winning!

In a world of extreme economic uncertainty and unpredictable conditions, you might be looking for more than just a speech. Cary works with customers to customize his presentation with your company so that the audience walks away with take-aways that apply to your current challenges, opportunities, and goals.

Not only does Cary have a unique story, not only does he provide a talk that will energize your event and inspire different thinking, he also leaves you with concrete tools to keep the momentum going. What more could you ask for!


“In my years of working with professional speakers you are by far the most compelling and captivating I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Your ability to deliver such a sincere message of instruction and motivation while sharing the human element was outstanding. I could see the audience intently listening while writing down your words of wisdom about how to reach for our goals and make a difference in our everyday lives. Your ability to apply what we discussed in the pre-planning process was priceless!

-Lisa Young, Chairperson, California Apartment Association.

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